The One Device is a national bestseller, WSJ review, and more

So, it’s been an insane couple of weeks, but the reception to the book has been incredible. I want to thank everyone who bought the book, came out to an event, or even just tweeted about the thing. Just a quick update as we conclude our whirlwind media tour of Seattle, LA, NYC, and SF.

The One Device is a USA Today bestseller, squeaking onto the list at #149 in its first week on sale.

It was on the cover of the NYT book review last week, and this week it’s an editor’s choice, and one of the recommended reads of the week.

I helped put together a few stories for Motherboard’s outstanding iPhone week, and joined editor Jason Koebler and crew for a great talk at the Kickstarter HQ in Brooklyn. We recorded a live podcast you can hear here.

A couple outlets have interviewed me about the book, like Fast Company and Entrepreneur, which is fun but also a little embarrassing.

The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal both posted their reviews, and they’re both great. More stuff to come, but I couldn’t be more thrilled about the start this thing’s off to.


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