Welcome to the biographical blogroll of Brian Merchant. I’m a writer, journalist, speculative fiction editor, and the author of a bestselling book about the iPhone, the One Device. I’m currently at work on a second book, about the first rebellion against automation—the deeply misunderstood Luddite uprisings of the early 1800s—and what might cause the next one.


The One Device was shortlisted for a number of prestigious awards, and was recently optioned for a limited series.

Currently, I run a project called Automaton, where I write about automation and the future of work, at Gizmodo. I am also a writer and editor at Motherboard, VICE’s science and technology outlet, and the founder/editor of Terraform, its online fiction site. (Terraform publishes a piece of speculative fiction each week—for info on what I’m looking for and how to submit stories, go here.)

My work has appeared in Wired, the Atlantic, the LA Times, the Guardian, Slate, VICE Magazinethe Verge, Gizmodo, the Outline, Fast CompanyFortune, Discovery, GOOD, Paste, etc. My short documentary on Soylent had the honor of being included on the late and great David Carr’s final syllabus.

I recently published a work of short fiction, The Convoy, which was picked up by Boing Boing (where Cory Doctorow called it “skillful” and “eerily plausible”), Digg (which called it “today’s best short story”), and the front page of Vice.com.

I do some TV and radio from time to time to talk about technology, work, climate change, utopian dreams and dystopian realities and the things that lie in between. I live in LA, which makes that easier. I can be reached at briancmerchant at gmail dot com. Here is my Twitter.

I am available for talks and speaking engagements, on everything from the history of the iPhone to the impact of automation—I’m represented by the Brightside Group, who can be contacted for all booking matters here: info@brightsightgroup.com.