2nd ‘One Device’ excerpt up at Guardian

This one’s about the toll of manufacturing the iPhone in its most notorious factory. It’s one of the most important stories from the book, so I’m glad to get it out there.


One thought on “2nd ‘One Device’ excerpt up at Guardian

  1. Brian
    Your book is interesting in that it discusses how the hardware of the iPhone is made in such but you don’t look into the patented technology behind the iPhone which was invented by Kelly wise myself, which is the basis of all smartphone operating systems. All you have to do to find those patents is lookup using Google, Kelley wise inventor.
    I have just now created the claim charts and notice letters to be sent out to Tim Cook and company about the iPhone and the entire iPhone ecosystem infringing on the Kelly wise patent portfolio.
    Your book fails to mention that without the virtual machine technology operating in the sandbox and processing streamed data within the sandbox, the iPhone could never function nor could an Android phone or any other device like it.


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